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The Average Cost Of Full Mouth Restoration Is More Affordable Than You Think

Many adults across North America have experienced losing one or many teeth. The process of permanently replacing a single tooth can be expensive, which can be discouraging for those missing some or all of their teeth. However, innovations in modern dentistry have allowed for a more cost-effective permanent solution that can restore the aesthetics, bite quality, and functionality associated with a natural set of teeth. Traditional dentures can affect the health of your jawbone, causing it to deteriorate over time, which can make your dentures ill-fitting and cumbersome in the long run. People who use traditional dentures often report having trouble eating or avoiding certain foods altogether, as the removable device can make it difficult to chew certain foods. The teeth-in-a- day or all on 4 procedure is a cost-effective and innovative solution that allows for the permanent replacement of most or all of your teeth in a single day. Simply put, traditional dentures cannot match the convenience or performance of implant supported dentures and/or teeth.



The All On 4 Concept


The all on 4 concept combines innovative treatment techniques to support all of your teeth on four or more angulated dental implants. This prosthodontics procedure allows people with missing or chipped teeth to restore normal function, aesthetics, and comfort in a single day. By using just four or more fixtures to support a full set of teeth, the all on 4 treatment option is a cost-effective long-term solution, especially when compared to more traditional oral implant rehabilitation techniques. The process is not only the most cost-effective strategy for implant-supported tooth replacement, but it is also the most efficient in terms of both treatment and recovery times.



Less Implants, Lower Cost


Most clinicians use about 8 implants per arch for a full set of teeth. When taking into account the cost of each implant surgery, related materials, follow-up visits, and overall healing time, it is easy to see how the all on four concept can save time and effort compared to traditional implant treatments. Qualified patients will receive as few as four dental implants to support a full set of implant-supported teeth that will restore normal functionality, bite quality, comfort, and aesthetics in less than 24 hours.


Patients can also save money on their procedure by going to a surgeon who specializes in dental implant reconstruction, as these oral care physicians are specially trained to perform both the surgical portion and the prosthetic (tooth) phase of the process. Going to multiple doctors or locations will increase the total cost of treatment, as patients will likely incur separate, overlapping fees.

The average cost of full mouth restoration can very on a patient-to-patient basis, as additional procedures may be required prior to the placement of dental implants. Your surgeon may have to remove some of your remaining teeth and any gum infections prior to surgery to ensure the long-term health of your teeth and gums.  The success rate for the all on four procedure is typically very high, as many dental implants attain a ten-year survival rate of well over 90%.